A hat that looks like you


Very attached to authentic artisanal creation and the promotion of new talents, Mira Belle chapelier in Paris offers you the opportunity to distinguish yourself through the unique character of its creations and its tailor-made creations for your events (ceremonies, parties, creation for shows ...).

For tailor-made items, we recommend that you contact us by telephone or email and bring us elements of your outfit (dress, accessories, fabric samples, etc.) during an appointment. Our milliners create the hat that best suits you. We offer you a quote. You must add 20 to 30 euros for a custom creation to add to the price of the prototype.

It takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete (it depends on the hats and milliners) and schedule a fitting appointment.

Book in advance for custom-made formal hats. You must calculate a delivery time of 8 days if we ship the order to you.

If you don't plan ahead, we have plenty to choose from in our showroom. Bring your outfits or at least samples to the appointment, we will find your hat . The colors on a cell phone are not those of reality.


Choose something unique with the tailor-made hat from Maison Mira Belle

In addition to a rich collection of designer hats, your Mira Belle hatmaker in Paris offers to give life to a headdress that suits you. What better look than wearing a hat in your image that allows you to assert your personality with elegance and refinement?

Whatever your style or the occasion for which you are looking for a custom hat, we will show inventiveness and inspiration to reveal your features and emphasize your clothing style to create this essential fashion accessory for any wardrobe.

Why choose a custom hat?

Wearing a hat means showing sophistication in the style given to your entire outfit, constituting a whole that makes you feel comfortable in all circumstances.

Calling on a master hatter and expert milliner means benefiting from the perspective of an inspired designer who takes into consideration not only your body shape to define the hat styles that suit you but also when it comes to making a hat to wear every day or for a special occasion.

The theme of an event will be as important in the creation of a custom hat as the simple desire for elegance in everyday life. By calling on Maison Mira Belle, you have the assurance that wearing a tailor-made hat transcribes all the essence of your personality and that you will enjoy wearing such a fashion piece.

The personalized hat, an artisanal know-how mastered by Mira Belle!

The world of hat making is extremely rich both in terms of hat models and definitions specific to creation. To determine which hat to choose between newsboy cap, headband, fedora, boater, top hat, beret, fascinator, trilby hat or floppy hat, it is valuable to turn to a recognized hat maker.

It is through the expertise of the Mira Belle hat brand that the entire anatomy of your custom hat is drawn. From the crown to the trim and the edge, it is a question of working on each constituent element of the headdress to make it this accessory that reveals you.

Whether it's to enhance a wedding ceremony outfit or to match your everyday outfits, it's all about giving life to beautiful, elegant hats that are an extension of your style. All occasions are good to wear the hat. Men and women, each has their own preferences and style of hairstyle.

While a man will be more tempted by a borsalino, a bowler hat, a panama hat or the very typical and traditional cowboy hat, a modern and elegant woman will turn instead to the floppy hat, fascinator hat or women's cap. There are no limits in creating a custom hat other than your imagination and the inspiration that your designer draws from your look.

Mira Belle hat maker in Paris, artistic craftsmanship at the service of tailor-made creation!

Contrary to popular belief, there are no men or women who are made or not made to wear the hat. The image of the “hatted head” is a utopia! It is above all a question of knowing how to detect

what style of model your head is made for. And that is the essence of the work of our milliners: to succeed in designing the hat that suits you.

This design of hats that we make entirely by hand opens up a wide range of possibilities to create a unique creation that you will not find elsewhere and which allows you to reveal yourself in your daily life as much as in the context of a ceremony or event. any event.

Whether you prefer a straw hat, a large haute couture hat, a bohemian hat, a chapka or cloche hat, a winter hat or a spring-summer hat, we are able to offer you a handmade hat that meets your needs. requirements and to bring a touch of glamor to your look.

Measuring your head circumference, choice of materials and colors, trim options, the custom-made men's hats and women's hats that leave our workshops are created by the hands of our milliners with the sole objective of enhancing your silhouette and satisfy your desire for elegance. Nothing is left to chance with Maison Mira Belle to succeed in making this unique and exclusive hat that belongs only to you!

For any custom creation request, please contact us at the following address:


Please include in your message:

Your name, first name, email.

Attached: photos including the dress and hats in view.

The type of event, its date, and your role (ex: mother of the bride and groom, witnesses, friends ...

The type of hats, the color (s) and your head size.

Your phone number.