We all have a different head circumference. It varies from 51 cm to 65 cm, it is essential to know it to choose a hat that fits you perfectly and fits your skull well.

If you are between 2 sizes for example a 57, 5 go for a head circumference of 58 it will be more comfortable.

Know your head size

A tape measure must be used (purchase from the sewing department in department stores or haberdashery. Position it in the middle of the forehead and above the back hump of the skull as in the 4 images drawn by Laurence Le clerc milliner hatmaker studio Grimel

Know your head depth

Bring yourselfa flexible tape measure Place the end of the ribbon rightabove the right ear.

Go over the top of your head and drop just above the left ear.

Questions ?

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To know :

There is no need to take your measurements for the ceremonial headdresses or fascinators that fit on the head with a headband or a hat elastic under the neck.