The Fedora hat, a timeless piece highlighted by the Mira Belle milliners!

      If there is a classic in headwear, it is undoubtedly the Fédora hat or Borsalino hat named after its original creator, Giuseppe Borsalino. The shape of this headgear is recognizable among thousands thanks to its medium or wide brims depending on the variations and by these hollows or dimples on the top and sides which allow the hat to be grasped with one hand. Worn by emblematic personalities such as Franck Sinatra or Humphrey Bogart, then by Alain Delon or Jean-Paul Belmondo for French cinema, and more recently by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones series, Fedora or Borsalino hats are first and foremost synonymous with of masculinity before becoming the champion of feminist activists. First designed to cover men's heads, the Fedora hat is increasingly popular with women who have made it a true unisex fashion accessory. Whether to protect yourself from the sun, to adopt a casual look, to imitate the style of the famous hat of movie stars or to be styled with style in various occasions, hunting hat, rain hats... The Borsalino or Fedora hat sits elegantly on the heads of men and women of all generations. If you are looking for a unique, exclusive, original and high quality Fedora hat, Mira Belle invites you to discover our collections of handmade hats by experienced milliners as well as young talented designers. A great wealth of style, shapes and colors of Fedora hats as well as other models await you in our Mira Belle online store.

      Style, charm and sensuality above all with the Fedora hat by Mira Belle!

      At the time of its appearance, the fedora hat was made, molded and shaped from a natural felt fabric made from rabbit or hare hair. Today, the methods used by milliners and the choice of materials have evolved considerably, opening up a wider range of possibilities for creating fedora hats. Mira Belle offers you variations of very rich fedora hats with straw hats, felt hats, woven hats, with lining, cashmere, tweed but also winter hats or summer hats adopting the Fedora style. Through our Spring-Summer or Autumn-Winter collections as well as our variations of exceptional hats for men and women, Mira Belle milliner in Paris gives you the opportunity to find and wear the hat that suits you and that allows you to show your personality. Whether it is to wear a hat in your daily life or to display greater elegance on special occasions, the Fedora hat meets all desires and all sensitivities. Wearing a Fedora hat is a timeless hat that is imbued with trends and fashions to remain up to date without ever leaving its position as men's favorite headgear after the cap and an essential fashion accessory for distinguished and fashionable women. assertive personality.

      Diversify the pleasures with the Fedora style for your hats with Mira Belle!

      The Fedora style is above all respect for the cut, lines and shape of the hat. A crown folded in the center, dimples on the front sides, a raised back brim and wide brims on the outline, this is what a Fedora hat should be. Many other models of hats thus rank among fedora headwear while retaining their unique character. This is particularly the case for our models of panama hats, our felt fedora in the style of a Stetson hat, the straw fedora hat... So many models of unisex hats that will delight men and women, whatever the styles adopted. But to go even further in the satisfaction that we wish to bring to our customers, we call on the best milliners in France and abroad to design and manufacture hats in the purest tradition of millinery while respecting the fundamental aspects of fedora style. Our custom hats are accessible to all those who seek exclusivity or who do not find what they are looking for in our collections. Depending on your desires, whether you are looking for a custom-made fedora hat for a ceremony, a particular event or simply to accompany you on a daily basis, we call on our milliners for a handmade and personalized creation from a prototype. With Mira Belle, you can be sure to wear a Fedora hat that suits you. Difference in dimensions in the width of the edges, color of the felt, type of cotton grosgrain braid, scarves, trimmings or ribbons, feathers, bow ties, there are a thousand and one ways to personalize your headgear and that's it. thanks to the artisanal work of our hatters and milliners, we are able to offer you the manufacture of a fedora hat which is entirely dedicated to you.

      The Mira Belle online store, the combination of hats and elegance!

      Our Mira Belle online headwear store offers you a wide choice of designer hats for formal hats as well as hats to wear every day. Sun hat, panama hat, newsboy cap, boater hat, women's turban, floppy hat, fascinator hat , fur hat or even bob hat, all styles and preferences are represented through the prestigious creations resulting from the know-how handmade from our milliner partners. Sometimes bohemian, romantic, rebellious, casual, fanciful, streetwear or resolutely original and unique, having a hat on your head means adopting a style and a certain state of mind. Whether it's a cowboy hat, a top hat, a rain hat or a small ceremonial fascinator hat, wearing a hat never leaves you indifferent. Enhance your style and your natural beauty through the creation of handmade Fedora hats, this is the credo of Mira Belle who works every day to offer you the best of French millinery.