A life in a hat: Quite a program.

Maison Mira Belle created in 2007 in Montmartre has become a reference in terms of headwear, fashion and also events and partnerships.

Marie Desnos is passionate about artistic creation, know-how and the unique and authentic on which she likes to communicate.



May 30, 2024 from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
SALLE GAVEAU, 75008, Paris

Our muse

Anne-Sophie GUERRIER

Singer, Actress, Guide

Montmartre in songs

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Beautiful & good communication

Beautiful & good communication represents us
to the press and the public

Karine Arabian shoes

Photographer Laura Lavergne combined our hats with the superb shoes of Karine Arrabian

Republic of Montmartre

Mira belle is the supplier of the official hat worn by the members of this emblematic Montmartre association of which she is a deputy. Founded on May 7, 1921, the Republic of Montmartre is still faithful to the wishes of its founders Poulbot, Willette, Forain, Neumont and Joé Bridge, and thanks to the voluntary commitment of its citizens, deputies, consuls, ambassadors and ministers, it works for the benefit of disadvantaged children and the creation of links of solidarity and friendship between visual artists, musicians, people of letters, of heart and of spirit. Guardian of the Montmartre tradition, she strives to preserve the rebellious and human spirit that built the legend of Montmartre, remaining faithful to its motto: Do ​​good with joy!

Disneyland Paris

Mira Belle participated in the creation of hats for the Disneyland Paris parades

Workshop Theater

Mira Belle collaborated with the costume designers of the plays and organized events on Charles Dullin Square

Dominique Drouot

Exceptional hairdresser Dominique Drouot from the Muses de Montmartre salon participated with talent in our shootings and events.

Paris Mirror Salon Fashion Night Couture

Fashion show in homage to Yves Saint Laurent with our Black and White collection in homage to Yves Saint Laurent. Since 2017, Mira Bellle has participated in fashion night couture designer shows at the Salon des Miroirs in Paris. She will be present in April 2021 with a collection inspired by Karl Lagerfeld.

Éric Tibusch fashion house

Haute couture show in Paris with the Éric Tibusch fashion house at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme. Éric Tibusch was an artistic director in very large haute couture houses and then created his brand. Mira Belle creations are associated with her sublime creations.

European Crafts Days

Mira Belle opens her Workshop to the public, with introductions to the millinery profession.

France Gallop

Prix ​​de Diane horse racing, competition of elegance. For 12 years Mira Belle has been organizing a garden party with her clients and friends at Diane's price with her haute couture hats. She has been selected several times in the most beautiful hats of the Prix de Diane competition of elegance.

Photography credits Mikael Le Ho.

Hippik chik

Maison Mira Belle takes part in the horse racing at the Deauville Clairefontaine racecourse on July 22, 2017. Prize giving with Mira Belle gifts for the winners.

Photography credits Laurent Thouvenin.

Crazy Horse Paris

Mira Belle created top hats
for Crazy Horse.

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