The concept
Mira Belle

Mira Belle: a collection of unique and trendy hats for everyone. Each creation is designed by hand by talented and recognized milliners, able to carry out custom orders. Whether you are a man or a woman, Mira Belle or Mira Beau, there is a hat that looks like us.


“Maison Mira belle was founded in 2007 in Montmartre. Since its creation under the leadership of Marie Desnos its artistic director, the milliner collective has participated in several Fashion Week, created for the show (the Crazy Horse, The Lion King) the Atelier theater) the Cinema, Euro Disney ) major horse races (Prix de Diane) and offers a varied clientele in search of quality, authenticity, handmade. »Portrait of Marie Desnos in Montmartre

“Mirabilis in Latin means remarkable. Our concept is to make you even more chic, noticed, with a hat that matches the outfit of the moment "

Artistic Director of Mira Belle

Portrait of Marie Desnos

It was by participating in the Diane prizes organized by Hermès and the aesthetic discovery of the magnificent hats worn during this Picnic, that she became aware of the importance of the hat in the achievement of beauty and elegance.

She then turned to the world of hat making and discovered artisanal know-how in the greatest French tradition.

It was by the greatest of luck when she went to the Atelier Theater in Montmartre that in 2007 she discovered a Hat Workshop boutique. From this discovery, which was an aesthetic love at first sight, the Maison Mira Belle was born and its diverse, unique and varied collections created by hand for men and women which bring together several milliners.

Maison Mira Belle offers unique and original hats and head jewelry creations as well as tailor-made for its customers.

The brand is launching a new online store today offering an original collection of trendy and unique hats for all styles.

Mira Belle also announces the opening of a new showroom in Neuilly sur Seine where she will receive by appointment.