Fashion Night Couture celebrated its tenth anniversary at the Salon des Miroirs

On September 30, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. in the sublime and famous Salon des Miroirs room belonging to Lieux d'motions, Fashion Night Couture paid tribute to the most famous French designer in the world: Yves Saint Laurent

A typically Parisian decor with an area of ​​more than 540 m2 located at 13 passage Jouffroy in the cult 9th arrondissement of Paris was made available for the parade , to celebrate, a vibrant tribute to fashion , couture and know-how French.

The Maison de Chapeaux Mira Belle presented its “Black And White” collection under the direction of Artistic Director Marie Desnos and organizer Philippe Noel, unique, original and minimalist creations which connote Parisian chic par excellence. Between sobriety and elegance.

Fashion night couture September 30, 2020 Black and White collection in homage to Saint Laurent hat Vlad Straticiuc, stylist Alexiane de Mello

The outfits were made by the young up-and-coming designer Alexiane De Mello, for whom this was her very first show . and Places of Emotions are very proud to have contributed to the launch of such talent.

Fashion will continue to prosper despite the health crisis, in fact, while respecting social distancing the press was there, a live broadcast allowed the parade to count more than 42,000 Internet users. was also live on Instagram, the parade was commented on by 25,000 members in the space of around thirty minutes.

Did you miss this broadcast? Don't panic La Maison Mira Belle also announces the very soon opening of a showroom in Neuilly sur Seine. To book, you will need to do so in advance!

Sewn straw fusina hat and protective visor Catherine Ellen styling Alexiane de Mello, Photography Artur Rosha

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Practical information :

Fashion Night Couture

Organizer: Philippe Noel and Keri-Lise
Artistic Director: Marie Desnos
Maison Mira Belle: