How to choose the right hat?

The hat is the ultimate fashionable accessory and, whether in winter or summer, it brings a unique touch of style to your look. But how do you choose the right hat that will suit you and complete your outfit? Here are some tips for finding the perfect hat.

Take measures

First of all, take your measurements. Measuring your head circumference is essential to ensure that the hat you choose is the right size. To do this, choose a model that will sit comfortably on your head and that is neither too big nor too small.

Choose the material

Depending on the occasion and the climate, you will have to choose between different types of materials. A certain material will be more appropriate for a casual look, while another will be better suited to a more elegant outfit. There are different materials available, including:

  • Felt - Perfect for cold, windy days
  • wool - hat and Turbans
  • Straw and Panama - Ideal in summer and for occasions
  • Sisal - for ceremonial hats
  • Silk - for decorative flowers and also for turbans

Choose the style

Each type of hat offers a variety of distinct styles and can be worn in different ways. You can choose the right style according to your personality and look. Some common examples are:

  • Beret – A must for every casual look
  • Cap - Perfect for sporting activities and travel
  • Bowler - The ideal choice for a classic look
  • Fedora Hat - Elegant and timeless in felt or panama
  • Fascinator or fascinator - small wedding hat
  • Capeline - great hat for weddings
  • Saucer - great headdress for weddings
  • Cloche - 1900s hat shape

Find the right accessory

Once you've decided on the material and style, you can find fun accessories to complete your look. Ribbons, flowers, jewelry, beads and even feathers can be used to personalize your hat and give a unique touch to your look. Just make sure you don't overdo it! A tip is to choose colors that match those of your outfit.

Try before you buy

Before buying your custom-made women's hat , try it on if possible. A well-fitting hat is essential if you want to wear it without pain or discomfort. Take the time to test the material and feel the weight of the hat on your head. If possible, try it with clothing similar to what you will wear with the hat.

Taking care of your hat

A well-maintained hat can last a long time and continue to look new even after years of use. To maintain the condition of your hat throughout the seasons, here are some tips:

  • Always store your hat in a clean, dry place
  • Do not store it near a heat source, such as a radiator or lamp
  • If your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally, out of direct sunlight and never put it on a radiator
  • Clean your hat with a soft cloth, dampened with lukewarm water
  • Ask your hatter for advice

Finally, a good hat above all matches your personal style and accompanies your outfit in a natural and harmonious way. By taking measurements, choosing the right material, and trying before you buy, you'll easily find the perfect hat to complete your look.